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Aurora O'Brien | Artist & Model

My name is Aurora O’Brien.

I am a free spirited artist currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona. Expressing myself in unique  and beautiful ways is my true passion. I began modeling after suffering from artist block for over 5 years. I used to model for my own drawings, but after losing my muse I decided to try modeling for others. To say I fell in love instantly is an understatement. I experience a sort of thrill when modeling as l always courageously express my raw emotions & genuine self.

Outside of modeling, I tend to be a bit of a thrill seeker. A few of my favorite past times include; riding 1 of my 2 Yamaha V-Star 650′s, shooting out in the desert, riding my amazing appaloosa mare, and even welding. Of course I also enjoy dancing, singing, and drawing. Don’t tell anyone, but I am also a huge comic/anime geek! ;-)

Visit my store on Storenvy