Aurora OBrien

Passion-driven & seeker of the sublime, Aurora OBrien is a free spirited, internationally published traveling model, artist, aspiring actress, and muse to many. She draws and paints works of art with pastels, oils, and watercolors alongside comic stylings that she sells at comic conventions while cosplaying. Over the past 5 years she has posed for several award winning photographers, and artists, as well as studied closely under famous American comic book artist Steve Rude. Whether though modeling or art she aims to boldly express he innermost emotions so that she might provide a beautiful escape and contribution to the artistic community. She is always interested in collaborating with fellow creative minds eager to make strong, emotive works that inspire. She has only begun to reach for the stars.

What others have said about Aurora...

"After shooting with Aurora close to 1/2 dozen times over the past few years, she actually is a huge factor of many of the shots I am most proud of. Always ready to work with me to create exactly what I have envisioned, she is a true rarity in the fact that she brings it each and every time without fail and has a genuine connection with my camera. Reliable, prepared and professional, Aurora is an involved, driven and a creative collaborator/partner in the planning of, and more importantly, is the artwork that makes our ideas together possible.
As both my friend and hands down, one of my favorite go-to models to work with, my studio will always be open and a home to Aurora."
Michael Luna
MLP Studios Scottsdale (MM#553680)

"I have shot with Aurora far more often than any other model in my portfolio. She's always prompt, excited, and willing to do whatever it takes to make an idea a reality! Her connection with the camera is hard to equal. I so look forward to shooting with her every time because I know we'll walk away with a card full of perfection. Anyone who gets a chance to work with Aurora is in for a treat.
Dave Kelley
Dave Kelly Photography (MM#1452788)

"Aurora is not only a great model because of how beautiful she looks or how easily she can work with almost any concept... but also because she's an honest soul with a smart and strong personality that most noticeably always brings joy to any shoot... (whether in the desert or in the ocean).."  
Jorge  (MM#513296)

"Model, artist, writer, and beyond. Be it creative genius, or innovative entertainer, she's that thing that has been missing. That special something you've been waiting for. She's that perfect sunrise…that exquisite sunset and so much more like her namesake when it comes to success and acclaim; It's not so much a matter of if will happen, but when." 
Raven Gregory
Freelance Comic-Book Writer

"Aurora, I have never worked with a more talented and beautiful model. You brought out the true photographer in me. Working with you made it impossible for me to do anything less than capture the most amazing images. You would make the most amateuer photographer look like a seasoned pro. Anytime you feel like shooting just let me know. I will drop everything I'm doing and come running." 
Robert Burton
RE Burton Photography (#MM1531739)

"Aurora has remarkable raw talent and a beautiful spirit. She was spontaneous during our photo session and showed great professionalism with her prompt arrival and expedient preparation for the shoot. Her escort was also very charming and assisted during the shoot! I would not hesitate to recommend Aurora to any other photographer. She is a consummate professional and a thrill to work with."  
John Mark
J. Mark Photography/Art (MM#341753)

"One of Aurora's many talents, and an especially rare and unusual one at that, is that she has nearly rendered me speechless. I simply could not ask for a better model. The one photoshoot I have done with her as of today, when I am posting this testimonial, was surely the sweetest experience I have ever had as a photographer. She combines perfectly the somewhat disparate mixture of warmth, friendliness, self-assurance, and professionalism, and it took her all of about 15 seconds to put me completely at ease, even though that photoshoot was the first time we had ever even seen each other and I tend to be shy and reserved around people I don't know. And the results of that shoot, posted by me here on Flickr, speak for themselves. As I told Aurora afterward, she was her own gift to me that day. 
I do confess to one major hesitation about posting this testimonial. Aurora, in a way, reminds me of Bolsena, Italy. Bolsena is a lovely and charming town, situated on a lake of the same name and located north of Rome. It is off the beaten path, however, and when I was there in 2002, I saw very few tourists. I was afraid to disclose Bolsena's existence to any of my friends, out of fear that the delightful little town, once discovered, would be overrun and spoiled. In a similar way, I hesitate to laud Aurora's virtues publicly, in part because I want to do other shoots with her in the future, and I might not be able to book her at all if her fame spreads too far or too widely and the demand for her modeling services becomes too great."
Garry Wilmore (MM#703142)

"You don't realize how monochrome the world is until you find a vibrant splash of color that challenges your comprehension of possibility. There is that person that happens along ever so rarely whose beauty reinvents your eyes, whose words reinvent your ears, and whose thirst for life reinvents your own. Only rarely in life do you meet a Muse, capital M, who can Inspire, capital I, all the creative dreams within you. Dreams long since run gray and silent by the drudgery of the world. This person exists as a sustained burst of life, and they teach you that even in a dark world, life is beautiful and worth everything. That is the summary of Aurora O'Brien."
Christopher Turco
Writer at Infinite Abyss Productions

"Aurora is such a pleasure to work with. Her and her escort both had some good input and ideas for shots. She came ready and prepared to work. Very professional and fun." 
Brandon Cowell
Brandon Cowell Photography

"It was a pleasure to work with Aurora. From first contact to after the shoot was complete she has been the epitome of a professional. Great detailed and fast responses. Showed up on time ready to work. Had a great attitude even after two hours in hair and makeup (zombie shoot) and was an absolute pleasure on set. Her escort was a gentleman that while willing to help was never in the way. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any job. A very talented beautiful young model with a great work ethic." 
Alan Z.
Studio 104 (MM#1456162)

"I highly recommend working with Aurora, great attitude, personality, and works wonderful poses. Was a pleasure to work with. Hope to again in the future." Dakota Vaughn
Vision Factory (MM#893682)