Patreon… it is time.

I have had a Patreon site for almost 1 year. I lightly promoted it on flyers, spent countless hours studying how to successfully launch and maintain a Patreon community & reached out to fellow artists about their experiences/opinions of it. I even went as far as to broadcast the making of the Patreon video LIVE on Periscope. 
Yet still…I have not launched my Patreon. 

Why? And WTF is Patreon? 

Patreon is a way to support & engage with your favorite artists. Fans pledge a few bucks per month as a tip, so that their content creator of choice may continue to create & grow in exchange for giveaways & access to patron-exclusive activity feeds & promotions.

So what am I waiting for?!

Well, relying on the kindness & support of strangers can be intimidating. Think about it; You have to put yourself out there on a whole new level. People will choose whether or not to invest in your creative endeavors & ideals. They must judge you. This can be a lot to take in, but by taking this step, you open the doors to so much creative freedom and artistic liberation. As well as ridicule & misunderstandings. You must share your successes, as well as your failures. People may stop believing in you, but you must be confident that you can retain the courage to push on in the face of adversity. You must fail forward. 

I am confident I can do this. You have all helped give me the courage to get to this point. Even going as far as to pm me, to ask how you can support my work. This brings such great joy & purpose to my life! I know what I am supposed to do. I fought it for many years, but I won't anymore. I will be true to myself, and by doing so, I hope to inspire you to do the same. Let's go on adventures! Let's overcome the odds! Let's create stunningly beautiful escapes from the realities of how dark & mundane the world can be. Let's give hope & share our experiences & emotions in wonderfully artistic ways! 

Don't get lost in the darkness like I did. Escape & see the beauty in all the magical little things this world has to offer! I want to show you how to grow through pain. I do this through my art, modeling, & acting. Allow me to show you… 

This Saturday I will FINALLY launch my Patreon. I appreciate any & all support you can give me. Thank you all in advance. I truly could not have done this without you.