Jetset Covergirl Search Continues!!

Thank you all SO very much for each and every vote!! I am exceptionally thankful & proud to have stayed in the top 10 for several weeks now!! It is so amazing to think so many of you care enough to take the time each day to vote. I never thought I could ever be so blessed to have the support of so many amazing people!! It's been a blast sending you my selfie's & personalizing each one. It is the least I can do & I hope it makes you smile as much as it makes me smile! 

I have some exciting news to report! Jetset it hosting an amazing hangar party once the winner of the 2016 Miss Jetset cover model competition is announced, for the TOP 5 models! If I were to make it, myself and my top voter would be able to enjoy exclusive, red carpet experience and an exciting evening of cocktails, live music, raffle prizes, and casino games in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. How fun would that be?! 

Let's work hard by sharing, donating, & voting each day so we can not only help a great cause, but make fantastic memories together! Thank you again so much for your support! Happy Tuesday! ^_^