Get up! Get out & LIVE!!

It's 5am and you don't want to get out of bed...

Get up. 
Don't stay down. 
I know it is comfortable, warm, safe even...but you are better than that! 
You are a warrior at heart! You have something within you that the world can't see and it's up to you to let it out! Nobody can make you do it, and nobody else can fully comprehend it. Only you. 
Now, get up, and do what you NEED to do. 
Not just for yourself, but for everyone around you.
CHASE YOUR PASSION & inspire the world to follow their own!  

Never let it go... Your fire. Don't let what the non-believers say become your reality. It is easy to get discouraged, but you must persevere. Be strong! Your loved ones may not have your back, your finances might be a mess, and maybe your romantic life is too embarrassing to even speak of, but you just need to hang in there. I know it's lame, but its true. Things will get better. You will smile again. You've gotten this far right? 

You got this. Believe in yourself.
What makes a hero heroic in the 1st place is enduring hard ship. This could be looked upon as an opportunity to show yourself what you're made of. Overcome! Heroes don't just stay on the ground when they get knocked down. They get up, get out, and confront their fears! You'll be glad you did. Just like every time AFTER you work out... The best part of doing it, is getting to say to yourself,
"I did it."