Because everything is better NAKED right?! 

naked bbq3.jpg

AZ Central calls it the best BBQ in AZ, and I have to agree! This outstanding establishment has been cleverly named not only for your endless entertainment, but to inform you that their meats are not slathered with sauce to mask the decadent flavor of this tasty selection of proteins, but are instead naked and al natural; baring it all just for you! ;-) 

Everyday Naked BBQ opens their at 11am and closes when the meat is gone! Get it while you can! 
They offer a lunch "Special of the Day' for just $10 that comes with a side and drink. This makes it especially easy for someone like me who has difficulty making any sort of decision what-so-ever! Honestly though, you really can't go wrong no matter what you try! The juicy pulled pork and brisket are a MUST and if you happen to get SUPER UBER LUCKY & walk in when they have the "Grand Canyon Sandwich', order two, then call me immediately. *DROOLS* 

They also offer simple, yet oh so tasty sides! The mac and cheese, garlic broccoli/green beans, and cornbread are definitely my favorites. OH! DO NOT forget to order their house pickled onions too! I don't even like onions, but these are delicious!
Also the maple bacon donut...GET IT. No regrets! 
That's what I am talking about! <3

Now let's get to the staff. I have been so fortunate to have met the owner on several occasions and let me tell you, he and everyone working there are very attentive, polite, and seem to possess a genuine pride in what they offer. I seriously cannot recommend this place highly enough folks!!!

You need Naked BBQ in your life. 
GET NAKED TODAY!! Grab your friends, grab your wife, and grab your neighbor too cause ever'y body's gettin Naked up in here! :-P

P.S. They have some BOMB watermelon tea! 

2340 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85023

Also coming to Scottsdale! Read all about it below! 

Pictured above is the mouth watering Prime Rib sandwich &nbsp;with carmalized onions &amp;&nbsp;horsey sauce on a hella tasty bun.&nbsp;

Pictured above is the mouth watering Prime Rib sandwich  with carmalized onions & horsey sauce on a hella tasty bun.