There I was, 3am Thursday morning, barely keeping myself together, making the last minute (to say the least) touches on my 2nd Sketchbook... I kept asking myself, "why I am I even doing this? I mean, even if I do complete this, it would be a flippin miracle if I somehow got them printed in time...especially considering comic con is literally JUST 13 HOURS AWAY. UGH!" 

That's right, comic con was HOURS away, and yet...I kept pushing. Er well, that is till I passed out on my desk...again. But, as soon as I woke back up around 5am, I managed to complete the book!!

Without any hesitation, I reached out for a miracle. You never know unless you try right? I certainly didn't come this far just to quite...but to be 100% honest, I didn't think there was any chance of having them in time; MAYBE by Sunday, but most likely Monday. I sent the email to Ready Comics anyway, whom did a lovely job printing my previous sketchbooks.

I wasn't sure what to say, so I went with the most honest wording I could think of.
Email subject; "Sketchbook/Miracle Request"

I explained my situation, then waited... after some time passed I got anxious and gave them a call. The phone was answered immediately & before I knew it I transferred to the right people, who were incredibly kind, and even told me what I thought was impossible...
I was in luck!!!! 
HAAALLLEELLUJAH!!! <--- This seriously started to play in my head! 

I was told to send my files in immediately for review and to my delight and surprise we got the proofs done in just a couples hours. I was finally able to take a deep breathe, and felt my shoulders soften for the first time in several weeks. I found myself in an exhausted state of disbelief & bliss. I couldn't have been more thankful. 

Flash Forward to Friday afternoon and HOLY WOW YOU GUYZ!! THEY ARRIVED AT MY BOOTH AT COMIC CON!! ISN'T THAT AH-MAZING!! Ready Comics blew my mind!! The people working there were fast, attentive, and legitimately care about their customers! They were able to go above and beyond for me and I will forever be thankful! I seriously cannot recommend them enough! They make flipping miracles happen you guyz!! 

Check them out & use code: friend2017
to receive 10% off your next order!!


P.S. To pick up your copy of Aurora's limited edition (numbered) sketchbook, visit;