'Taking Flight' Aurora's 3rd Annual Sketchbook

After months of organizing and arranging a  year's worth of sketches and doodles; it's finally here! My 3rd annual sketchbook! 

This one is in color and full of new digital art! That's right, I finally overcame the 'digital disconnect'. For those who follow me on Patreon, you know that was a bit of a struggle for me.
I am also pleased to announce my good friend/fellow model Percolate was awesome enough to pull out her incredible poses specifically for this sketchbook! You will see her dynamic posing,  dramatically lite by Scottsdale photographer Michael Luna.
BUT That's not all! The cover, centerfold and back cover were taken by photographer Scott Chaffee of Oak Imagery in a beautiful cotton field at sunset. It was such an incredible shoot with endlessly amazing captures! I just had to include them!! Working in my cute woodland critters was such a blast! 
Overall, I am very pleased and cannot wait to share this with you to help lift your spirts and transport you to a whole new world!

Limited & Numbered: 50 total run. 
Preorder Available! Get yourself a low #!
Paypal $30 to dmobrien88@gmail.com to reserve your copy while supplies last! Sketchbooks will be available at Phx Comic Fest, but once they are gone, they're gone. 

Special thanks to photographers for allowing me to combine our art! 

presale .jpg