Solis Lavish Designs Fashion Show

Luis Solis is a sensationally talented hair & fashion stylist whom I have the pleasure of calling friend! If you have the honor of getting styled by Luis, have him tell you the inspirational story of how he got started!! His talent and passion can be seen with his effortless gestures and focused, smiling gaze when styling. He is a true hair & styling ARTIST! 

So when Luis reached out & asked if i'd be apart of his show featuring hand-made, Victoria's Secret style wings, glamorous hair and lingerie, how could I possibly say no?!? Not to mention my absolutely DROP DEAD GORGEOUS girl-friend Tayler Leigh V would be walking. That not only sweetened, but sealed the deal! Seriously, she's amazing!! Just look at her! ------------------------------------------------>


6am, the morning of the show, my alarm went off. 7am I finally rolled my happy butt out of bed & made my way to the work out room. After 25 minutes of climbing the stair stepper while watching Victoria's Secret walks on youtube, I looked myself over in the mirror & felt much more confident and appreciative of myself...then decided to add 25 extra minutes on legs and glutes. After that, I was feeling gooooood!

I hopped in the shower a hot mess, and came out as clean as a cats conscious and as smooth as satin. Upon exiting, I drenched myself in coconut oil, gave myself a mani/pedi and was feeling pretty well prepped for the the nights show!  

Upon arrival, I didn't waste any time. I handed my key to the valet, grabbed my badge, and headed upstairs to find not just one, but 2 familiar faces; Tayler and Dave Kelley! We had time to catch up & discuss the interesting circumstances of the show. We laughed, we cried, we thought about leaving, but soon the entire team had gathered and we were ready to head to the prep room! 

We were led just beside the ballroom where we would soon be struttin our stuff on the catwalk!Yeah, on the catwalk, yeah. I do my little turn on the... ♩ ♪ ♫ 
Ok, sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Back on track! I was sat almost immediately to get my hair prepped and set with curls. The process took about an hour. From there I tried on wardrobe, got the wings fitted to my shoulders and munched on some food (yes, we do eat). With the clock ticking, I found myself in the make-up chair with Gilbert, then back to my hair stylist to drop my curls! 2 hours or so passed with great conversation and outstanding styling,  and I was sent back to wardrobe!

I quickly changed and returned to find… EVERYONE WAS FREAKING GONE!!

With confusion and a dash of panic stirring inside, I asked where everyone went, only to find that the show had started! 

I fumbled while fastening the garter to my stockings, took a deep breathe, only to realize I didn't have my heels yet! Damn it! I rushed over, grabbed my heels, & bunny hopped my way backstage.

Turning the corner, I saw the others and immediately found the beautiful Miss Tayler. She gave me a hug and informed me that she had already walked! I asked her for the pattern to which she replied, "The runway is 60ft long & carpeted. Just go up the stairs, pose, walk forward, pose at the T, go to the left, pose, walk to the far right, pose, then walk off. Don't worry, you'll be great!" Before I knew it..
"You, you're up! GO FOR IT!!" 

I stepped out, saw the crowd & felt my heart begin to race! I took a shaky step forward & (thankfully) felt my inner goddess take over from there! My chest lifted, my chin raised, and my hips began to sway side to side with ease. I was in the zone! I missed the 1st pose at the T, but didn't skip a beat. I knew there was nothing to worry about. All eyes were on me, and I was going to give them a show!


The crowds reaction was fun, upbeat, and just the energy I needed! I was loving this! Was I nervous? You bet. The way I looked at it though, If I messed up, it would simply make the story of my life that much more interesting. Besides, this was only the beginning. We had a total of 4 wardrobe changes, and 6 style changes. I had to keep calm and focused. 
Just breathe.

Time FLEW by and each walk was exhilerating! Before I knew it, the glorious wings Luis designed were being fastened to my back!! What a dream come true!
I was shuffled along back stage, ducking, dodging and weaving my way to the stage. The wings were massive and the curtain was not going to accommodate them easily. This was going to be close… 
But with some quick thinking and backstage finesse...

Fun Fact: I bent the wings the final time coming out to make a flashier entrance.  I then had hold them up with my arms to keep them from falling forward! XD

Fun Fact: I bent the wings the final time coming out to make a flashier entrance.  I then had hold them up with my arms to keep them from falling forward! XD

The crowd went WILD!! I commanded the attention of everyone in the room and found myself on cloud 9!! 

I am so glad I kept my commitment & stuck out the show! I met so many amazingly talented people and had such a great time working the runway for the crowd! What an experience! I will never forget it! 

P.S. I compiled this brilliant collection of Tayler photos from that night for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome.
She actually leaves for LA this Friday! She's a bit nervous, but I think it's obvious, that she is going to be absolutely great!! 

 Tayler Leigh V #wcw4life

 Tayler Leigh V #wcw4life

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PURE photo shoot

Earrings: GORJANA Chloe mini double drop in gold  Necklace: KENDRA SCOTT Rayne in bright red

Earrings: GORJANA Chloe mini double drop in gold
Necklace: KENDRA SCOTT Rayne in bright red

All photos are unedited, all natural, raw jpeg, NO PHOTOSHOP. The real me…
Thank you Dave. 

Just days ago, I messaged my dear friend Dave Kelley via Facebook to show him the website I had just launched. This one in fact. I was excited to share it since he recommended whom to use for it. Anyways, we chatted a bit till the subject of availability was brought up. As luck would have it, we both had that sunny Friday afternoon open & decided a quick impromptu shoot would be fun!

Off I went! Like The Flash I was, to get ready! As previously stated though, I had just launched this new site and was getting several messages and feedback. I was absolutely thrilled! Yet also getting ready! So, between finding the sundress, applying natural make-up, touching up my nails, & adorning myself with newly delivered jewelry by Rocksbox, I was returning messages, emails & the occasional phone call.

I was BEOYND excited to be getting such a positive response though! I didn't care about the hectic, rushed feeling. That pressure no longer fazes me. I thrive off of that energy! In fact, I'm glad things happened that way. It gave me a ton of added adrenaline, emotion and a sense of accomplishment that overflowed from within that I could use for the photoshoot! #butterflyeffect

Now, you should know that this is not exactly common in the modeling industry.  Normally, you discuss concepts, wardrobe options, hair & make-up ideas, stylists whom may be available, along with location, compensation, and intended use/release involved; all before nailing down a date for a shoot. However, sometimes you just need to get back in touch with the fun, freedom & beauty of it all! 

It can be quite refreshing for two creative professionals to just go out, enjoy the sunshine (especially before the triple digits are here) and just enjoy the process of creating from time to time. I found it to be so refreshing in fact, that I decided to make a video to forever capture that revitalizing day. I hope it inspires you to enjoy the simple things and get back int touch with what really brings you joy and fulfillment. You may view it down below. 

It's only fair to mention that Dave and I have been working together for about 3-4 years now. We have been on many adventures, from Northern Phoenix to Southern Phoenix, Colorado to California to out on the open ocean!  Long story short, we make quite the team. It is always a joy working with Dave because we are both doing what we love to do! Creating art. 

The results speak for themselves. 


Video/Modeling by: Aurora OBrien  |   Photography: Dave Kelley Artistics