Jetset Magazine Covergirl Contest!!

I am excited to announce I was asked to compete in the pestigious Miss Jetset covergirl Contest!! At first, I hesitated. I am working my tail off on my sketchbook for Phoenix Comic Con, and have a mountain of projects up in the air already, but once I learned Jetset teamed up with B+ Foundation which helps kids fight cancer through family assistance, research and advocacy. How could I say no! Not to mention the grand prize includes $100,000 in cash and prizes!!

4 years ago, you all shocked and amazed me by helping me win the Betbombs calendar contest and flew me out to St. Barthelemy for the bikini beach shoot! Everyone told me there was no way to win, and that is must be a scam. However, you showed me ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you just work hard and believe! For that, I will forever be thankful! You really opened my eyes my friends! <3

Now I would like to be so bold as to ask for your once help again, to make this seemingly impossible task, into a reality! I started the contest late, and have been caught up in projects, but I know we can burst ahead with hard work, determination, and a positive spirit! #Underdog for the win!! Time to blow minds!!

I also just added exclusive rewards to show my appreciation for your vote & support to the B positive foundation. The 1st 25 people to purchase 10 votes will receive a personalized selfie after purchase! Your votes truly makes me smile and I would like to share that with you.

You can vote once a day free or buy votes with a portion of your donation going to the B+ foundation. #goodkarma

What do you say?! It's just 2 clicks away! Help me reach #1!?

Be Positive Foundation

Jetset Magazine

Jean Philippe Piter


PURE photo shoot

Earrings: GORJANA Chloe mini double drop in gold  Necklace: KENDRA SCOTT Rayne in bright red

Earrings: GORJANA Chloe mini double drop in gold
Necklace: KENDRA SCOTT Rayne in bright red

All photos are unedited, all natural, raw jpeg, NO PHOTOSHOP. The real me…
Thank you Dave. 

Just days ago, I messaged my dear friend Dave Kelley via Facebook to show him the website I had just launched. This one in fact. I was excited to share it since he recommended whom to use for it. Anyways, we chatted a bit till the subject of availability was brought up. As luck would have it, we both had that sunny Friday afternoon open & decided a quick impromptu shoot would be fun!

Off I went! Like The Flash I was, to get ready! As previously stated though, I had just launched this new site and was getting several messages and feedback. I was absolutely thrilled! Yet also getting ready! So, between finding the sundress, applying natural make-up, touching up my nails, & adorning myself with newly delivered jewelry by Rocksbox, I was returning messages, emails & the occasional phone call.

I was BEOYND excited to be getting such a positive response though! I didn't care about the hectic, rushed feeling. That pressure no longer fazes me. I thrive off of that energy! In fact, I'm glad things happened that way. It gave me a ton of added adrenaline, emotion and a sense of accomplishment that overflowed from within that I could use for the photoshoot! #butterflyeffect

Now, you should know that this is not exactly common in the modeling industry.  Normally, you discuss concepts, wardrobe options, hair & make-up ideas, stylists whom may be available, along with location, compensation, and intended use/release involved; all before nailing down a date for a shoot. However, sometimes you just need to get back in touch with the fun, freedom & beauty of it all! 

It can be quite refreshing for two creative professionals to just go out, enjoy the sunshine (especially before the triple digits are here) and just enjoy the process of creating from time to time. I found it to be so refreshing in fact, that I decided to make a video to forever capture that revitalizing day. I hope it inspires you to enjoy the simple things and get back int touch with what really brings you joy and fulfillment. You may view it down below. 

It's only fair to mention that Dave and I have been working together for about 3-4 years now. We have been on many adventures, from Northern Phoenix to Southern Phoenix, Colorado to California to out on the open ocean!  Long story short, we make quite the team. It is always a joy working with Dave because we are both doing what we love to do! Creating art. 

The results speak for themselves. 


Video/Modeling by: Aurora OBrien  |   Photography: Dave Kelley Artistics